RSRS v2.8.2.13 Released!


We are pleased to announce the release of v2.8.2.13 for RSRS which brings about some important new features. The full change log can be seen below.


Change Log

  • Added Online RSRS Dashboard where user can upload all Service Reports and Client list to cloud for viewing online. This is optional. Synchronization can be done from Control Panel > SynolonSoft Account.
  • Added ‘Latest News’ section which launches with each RSRS startup. This can be set to only launch when a new article is posted.
  • Made it more clear as to the procedure for clearing ‘stuck’ reports in-case a report is incorrectly displayed as open despite it being closed.


Online RSRS Dashboard

Users have the ability to upload all their Service Reports and Clients to an Online Dashboard area, which can be accessed in any web browser through a desktop, tablet, or mobile. For the time being, this information will only be view-able and not editable.


SynolonSoft Account Tab


Here you will be able to see the last date and time you synchronized your database. This process is done from within RSRS in the Control Panel. Navigate to SynolonSoft Account and click Synchronize.




Service Reports Tab


Here you will be able to view all your Service Reports. By default, 10 reports are displayed at a time, but this can be changed at the bottom left of the table. Towards the bottom right, you can change page. At the top left you can export all your data to Excel format, Print either the selected reports, or all reports, and choose which columns to display. Multiple rows can be selected by hitting Ctrl + Mouse Click for printing. Towards the top right you can filter any column by simply entering your search word(s).

Columns can also be re-ordered by dragging and dropping, and a basic view of the reports can be launched by clicking on it’s Serial Number.


Clients Tab


The Clients section works in much the same way as the Service Reports one, but with the added ability of Exporting to PDF format.


Latest News



With each launch of RSRS, a small window will pop up informing the user of the latest news coming from SynolonSoft. This may include:

  • Update Previews
  • Update Explanations
  • Events
  • Special Offers
  • And more

The user may set this popup to only launch when a new article is posted by SynolonSoft.


Make sure to click on “More Info” to read the full article as the text displayed in RSRS is usually just a summary.

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