User Settings

The following screen allows you to manage the users (staff) of the RSRS software.

This section is divided into 3 main tabs: ‘Change My Password’, ‘Add User’, and ‘Edit User’. On the top left of the same screen, a counter for users, and two buttons, one for deleting and one for help can be accessed. From the first tab, the user has the ability to change his/her password. He/she will need to provide his/her existing password as a security measure to be able to save a new password. Note: only Owner accounts can view other users passwords.


You, as an owner, are the only one who can add users to RSRS. There is no limit to the number of users you can create, but so long as you purchase a certain number of users from (let us say 2 users), you can only log in with at most that amount of those users at a particular moment in time. You can view your purchased number of users at SynolonSoft Account from within the Control Panel. However, you may create more than 2 users within the RSRS User Settings (let us say 5), but only 2 can log in at the same time.

Lastly you can edit existing users, enable or disable a user, or delete a user if you wish.