This section of the application allows you to generate and view various statistical reports.

To generate a report, You first use the date pickers “From” – “To” to specify the time period of your interest. After choosing a date period, you can select a report to view from the left panel of the screen. Clicking on a report type will bring up further filter parameters as shown below.

Each report listed on the left panel has it’s own filter parameters. Once clicking on your desired parameter, the report will load and be shown on the center of the screen.

You have the ability to export it to multiple formats, or print it using these buttons . Every report you load will be shown in the ‘History’ list found on the top of the screen as pictured below. Here you can cycle through reports you have loaded, allowing you to reload or refresh your previously launched reports for fast and easy access. You may want to do this if you have updated the date period and wish to view a previous report with these new dates and data.

The video below demonstrates all above mentioned features. First, a date range is selected and two different reports are loaded. Then, the date range is altered and the current report is reloaded. After this the forward and backward buttons are demonstrated, which allow you to scan through your opened reports with the new date range. Lastly, the export and print buttons are shown.