Spare Parts

The Spare Parts section provides an overview and helps you manage your spare parts and their attributes.

The main functionalities of this section include adding, editing and deleting spare parts from your inventory. Further features include, on the one hand, printing or exporting your spare part list to PDF or CSV formats and, on the other, filtering or searching with a barcode scanner.

At the top left of the screen, there is a strip showing the ‘count of spare parts’ in your inventory, ‘print preview’, ‘print’, ‘export to PDF’, ‘export to CSV’, ‘delete’, and ‘help’ buttons.

Moving to the tabs below the data grid, there exists a ‘Barcode/Filters’ tab. Here, you have multiple options in searching for specific spare parts. You can use a barcode reader to scan a spare part at hand to find it’s record. This barcode can be either the Model Number, Part Number, or Serial Number. To do so, ensure the text box next to ‘Scan Barcode’ text is in focus or clicked, and scan the spare part. Although most barcode scanners will hit ‘Enter’ to search for the scanned code immediately, some may not. In this case, simply click ‘Search’ to begin the search. The data grid will display the approriate results. An alternative method to filter spare parts is to select a field from the drop down list  and type your search into the below text box.

To add a new spare part to your inventory, ensure the ‘Add Spare Part’ tab is selected. Fill in the shown fields and click ‘Add’. The Part Number, Model Number, and Serial Number can be entered using a barcode reader. You can add multiple Serial Numbers to the list as shown in the image below. This allows you to have the precise number of a particular spare part in stock. You can view this procedure in the video below. Note that this is to a add new spare part, not to restock an existing spare part. Restocking is done through the ‘Edit Spare Part’ tab as described below.


To edit a spare part, ensure the ‘Edit Spare Part’ tab is selected. Make the desired changes to the fields and click ‘Save’. In order to restock a particular spare part, you will simply add their serial numbers to the ‘Serial Number’ list as shown above. This will update the ‘Quantity Left’ field on the data grid with the updated count of serials now entered.

On the ‘Spare Parts Settings’ tab, you can set a minimum stock count figure. Any part which reaches this figure or less will be highlighted in red as can be seen the in the image at the top.

You have the ability to launch directly the Service Reports in which specific spare parts have been used on. By right clicking a cell in the ‘Quantity Used’ column as shown below, a list will pop up showing all Service Report Serial Numbers that this part was used on. You launch the report by clicking on a Service Report Serial Number.