SMS Client

In the ‘SMS to Client’ section you have the ability to send SMS messages to your client using your own default SMS template, defined in the Notification Settings.

Depending on whether you have configured your Clickatell account in the Notification Settings, you will either see a ‘Clickatell Login Successful’ message near the top of the screen, if you have successfully logged in, or a ‘Login to Clickatell in Notification Settings to be able to use this feature’ message if you are not logged in.

If logged in, you will also be able to see your ‘Available Credits’. Below this, if you have configured a ‘Sender ID’ with your Clickatell account, and specified this within the Notification Settings, it will appear here by default. The ‘To’ field’ is the mobile number the SMS will be sent to. This is taken from the Service Report by default. The ‘Message’ field is the default message defined within the Notification Settings. You can alter any of these fields if you wish.

Click ‘Send’ to send the SMS. If successful, the ‘SMS’ status within the Job Status box on the In-House Service Report or Call/Visit section will change from a red ‘Not Sent’ to a green ‘Sent’.

It is understood that you can, at any time or all times, use both messaging methods.