RSRS Software Installation

Ensure that you installed the RSRS Server before continuing installation.

This is the launch screen of the RSRS Client Installer. Simply click next to continue.


This screen displays the Terms of Service of the SynolonSoft website and Service (RSRS). Read the document and click ‘I Agree’ if you agree to the terms of use.


This screen provides a message warning you to ensure you have completed the RSRS Server installation first. If so, click ‘Next’ to continue.


This screen displays the Destination folder. Click next to continue.


On this screen you have the option to create a desktop icon and a start menu item. Click next to continue.


Finally, click Install to begin the installation.


You will see some progress bars informing you of the progress of the installation. Allow them to complete before continuing.


This window will appear. Here you must select the server configuration your company will use. Click ‘Local Network Database’ if RSRS will connect to the Server within the same network or on the same computer. Click ‘Remote Database’ if RSRS will connect to the Server from an outside network over the internet. This guide will cover the Local Network Database option.


The following window will appear. Tick the correct radio button depending on whether you have installed the RSRS Server on this same computer or a different computer in your network. Choosing the first option means you do not need to do anything further, so click ‘Save’ to continue, thus completing the installation process. Choosing the second option will cause the ‘Server IP’ box to become editable, however by clicking the ‘Search’ button, you can automatically search for any computer with the RSRS Server installed on. If for any reason there are no computers found, you have the option to enter it’s IP manually. This is the IP address which was shown at the end of the RSRS Server installation (i.e The IP address of the Server computer). Click ‘Save’ to continue, thus completing the installation process.

Keep port as default 3306.

If everything was done correctly, a message will appear indicating that the configuration is complete.


Everything is installed correctly. Click ‘Finish’ to complete installation.