RSRS Server Installation

This is the launch screen of the RSRS Server Installer. Simply click next to continue.


This screen recommends you follow the accompanied PDF Installation Guide to correctly set up RSRS. Click next to continue.


This screen displays the Destination folder. Click next to continue.


Finally, click Install to begin the installation.


You will see some progress bars informing you of the progress of the installation. Once it completes, this window will close.


You will see this screen only if you choose the RSRS Server Installer file including MySQL (you don’t have MySQL already installed). Allow it to complete and close.


You will see this screen only if you choose the RSRS Server Installer not including MySQL (you already have MySQL installed). You will be required to enter your MySQL root account password. Contact your network administrator for this information. Once done, click ‘Start building’.


A progress bar will appear showing the database build procedure. Once this completes, this window will close.


On this screen you will need to create the initial RSRS user. Enter the Username, Password, and Email (optional) for the Owner/Administrator account and click ‘Create’. This user will have full access to all the program’s features.


On this screen you will be shown the Server’s IP address. Note this down if you will be installing the RSRS Client install on other computers in the network. If you will only install the Client software on this same machine, then this number is not needed. Click ‘Finish’ to continue.


Click ‘Finish’ on the Setup Wizard to complete installation.