Report Options

This is the screen you will see once you click ‘Report Options’ from the Control Panel. This screen has 3 tabs, ‘Serial No. Options’, ‘Printout Options’, and ‘Terms & Conditions’, each with pertaining settings. On the first tab as shown in the screen above, you have the ability toHere you have the ability to change the Serial Number to be used on the next report. This number can be increased or decreased, so long as it does not collide with an existing Service Reports’s serial number. One possible use case is if you permanently delete your latest Service Report 300, you can change this value back to 300 so your next Service Report will be assigned this number and not have a serial number missing from your Service Report list. Note that this feature is only supported on certain versions of MySQL.

On the ‘Printout Options’ tabas shown above, you can change the font to be used for the company name on Service Reports. This applies to both printouts and on screen. Below this, you can select which logos to show on all printouts.

On the last tab you have the ability to define your Terms & Conditions to be shown on the bottom of the Date In report, i.e the report given to a client when they initially bring a product to be serviced.