Pending Jobs

The Pending Jobs section allows you to keep track of any incomplete jobs. You are able to access individual In-House Service reports to work on, while at the same time providing an overview of all pending jobs and their pertaining information.

At the very top of the screen, there is a strip containing both a count of the current pending jobs, and an ‘Export to CSV’ button that allows you to export the data grid into spreadsheet applications, and a ‘Help’ button  .

Below the top strip you can view relevant filters allowing you to narrow down the information on display. You can then combine filters to give you more specific results.

By right clicking the far left column of the data grid shown above, you can clear or give a particular report a type of priority. A red ! will appear in the cell. This can also be done from within the In-House Service Report.

If for any reason you wish to color code a report, you can do so by right clicking the ‘Serial No’ cell and setting a color from the list. You can view their descriptions for reference by clicking on ‘Color Codes’ within the Control Panel to the right.

Finally, to launch a Service Report to work on, you simply double click on the ‘Serial No’ cell.