Notification Settings

This section allows you to define your default email and SMS messages to be sent to clients.

Within the Email Configuration box, enter your email’s configuration as provided by your host. This will allow you to send emails using your email account from within RSRS. Below this, enter your default email message in the text box, and click ‘Save’. This default message can be edit on a client by client basis if need be from within the Email Client section.

For SMS notifications, RSRS uses the online SMS service Clickatell. You will need to register an account with Clickatell and enter the provided Username, Password, and HTTP API ID to log in. Once logged in, the service status and your available credits will be shown. The default sender ID (the name your SMS will appear to be sent from) will need to be registered with Clickatell. Enter your default message and click Save.

Both emails and SMS can be sent to the client from the In-House Service Report.