Main Screen

The above screen will appear once successfully logged in.

Starting from the top left, you can see what version of RSRS you are currently running, as well as how many days are remaining with your subscription.

Further down is an image of your company’s logo and the company name (both set within Control Panel > Company Information), while the currently logged in username, as well as the database status (if RSRS can access the database) is displayed.

If the database becomes inaccessible at any time, the status will display along with a list of possible reasons and possible solutions if you hover your mouse over the ‘i’ icon as seen on the above screen.

Furthermore, as seen in the video below, the RSRS Main screen is divided into 3 sections; the left-most main panel, the right-most control panel, and the center document/window area. The main panel contains buttons allowing you to add a new client, manage your service reports and spare parts, create labels, among many other features. The control panel contains buttons allowing you to customize your experience with RSRS. The center working area is where windows will launch into, and contains a tab style similar to modern web browsers.

The main panel and control panel can both be hidden by pressing the ‘Auto hide’  button at he top right of each panel. This will allow you to have a larger document/window working area.

Any window can be docked to become full-screen, docked side-by-side next to another window, dragged out of full-screen to become a smaller size, and resized. All this is demonstrated in the video below.