Label Generator

The Label Generator section allows you to create both Barcode and Text labels. Barcode labels can be used for spare parts in your inventory and text labels can be used as an In-House Service Report alternative or as a ticketing method on products.

As can be seen in the screen above, the section is divided into the left side settings panel and the right side print preview. On the left settings panel, there is a ‘Barcode’ and ‘Text’ tab . Depending on which tab is selected, the below settings will differ.

If you select the ‘Barcode’ tab, there will be settings available allowing you to customize your barcode. These include the code, encoding method, rotation, alignment, size, and code location. If you select the ‘Text’ tab, you will find radio buttons to choose the printer type, font, text alignment, style, size, underline, and font color. Note that only the Intermec EasyCoder PC4 label printer is fully supported. Other label printers may not print correctly. However, all or most commercial copiers and printers that are able to print the A4 adhesive label sheet available in the market are supported.

Below are videos demonstrating the process of creating a barcode label and text label.



After configuring your barcode or text options, you must choose the ‘Printout Layout’ from the drop down list. These are standard pre-configured A4 adhesive label sheet templates. Below this is a label grid where you can choose which specific labels to print on your A4 adhesive label sheet by simply ticking the boxes you would like printed. Click ‘Generate’ to view a preview of your printout. If you have chosen to print on a label printer, you will not need to choose a print layout or tick labels on the label grid as these are printed one by one from a roll.

Once generated, you have the ability to export the page to multiple formats, or print it . Exporting can be done to the following formats:

  • Crystal Reports (.rpt)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • CSV (.csv)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc)
  • RTF (.rtf)
  • XML (.xml)