Daily Technician Report

The Daily Technician Report section provides a means for the owner to analyse the workload and performance of each technician on a daily basis. Like all other sections, only users who are given authorization by the owner can access this report.

As can be seen in the image above, you have the ability to filter the time period from which to gather data from, e.g the current week. You can divide or group this data to appear easier to analyse, e.g group by day. Lastly you can choose a specific technician to generate this report on. After selecting your parameters, click ‘Load’ to generate the report.

This report displays each job the technician was allocated and it’s relevant data. You can see how much time was spent by the technician, how much money was generated from labour and spare parts, and the total charge.

You have the ability to export it to multiple formats, or print it using these buttons 

The video below demonstrates all features of this section.