The Client section provides a centralized area where you can manage your existing clients and their personal information.

From this section, you have the ability to add new clients, edit existing clients, delete existing clients, and search or filter existing clients.

To add a new client, ensure the ‘Add Client’ tab  found below the data grid is selected. Enter the client’s information in the fields found below and click ‘Save’. Note that you are required to enter the client name, and either a telephone or a mobile. The remaining fields are optional. You cannot have more than one client with a similar telephone or mobile number. An alternative, and our preferred method to add a new client is to enter his/her information directly on the Service Report in the ‘Add In-House Client’ or ‘Add Call/Visit Client’ section. Their information will be added directly to this data grid. More info here.

To edit an existing client, ensure you have the client’s row selected or clicked. Now you can navigate to the ‘Edit Client’ tab  and make the desired changes to the client’s information. Note that any changes effectuated here will be applied to all pertaining Service Reports. Note as well that you can edit a client’s information directly on any In-House/Call/Visit Service Report. Doing so will update this data grid immediately.

To delete an existing client, ensure you have the client’s row selected or clicked and click on the ‘Delete’ button . You can only delete clients who have not been saved on any Service Reports. If you wish to delete a client who is already saved on a Service Report, you will either need to delete the Service Report itself, or change the client on that particular report with another one.

As shown in the above image, you can also filter clients by any field or color.

By right clicking on any client, you also have the ability to assign color codes to them. This color code will be shown on all existing and future Service Reports in the ‘Client ID’ field. You can also directly create a new In-House or Call/Visit Service Report from this screen by navigating to the ‘Add Client To:’ option on the screen above. This will open a new Service Report with the client’s personal information pre-entered.