Brand and Model Settings

The Brand And Model Settings screen allows you to customize the brands and their respective models that your company deals with. These custom lists will appear on the In-House and Call/Visit service report in their respective fields.

On this section, you have the ability to add, edit, and delete both brands (left half of screen) and models (right half of screen).

To add a brand, click on the ‘Add Brand’ tab , enter the brand in the text box, and click ‘Add’. Models are added in a similar fashion by clicking on the ‘Add Model’ tab . Any models added will be linked to the selected brand. As an example, from the image above, all models listed on the right belong to the brand HP which is selected on the left.

To edit a brand or model, you click on either ‘Edit Brand’ or ‘Edit Model’ and edit the text in the respective text box. Then click ‘Save’.

Lastly you can delete a brand or model by selecting it and clicking either ‘Delete Brand’ or ‘Delete Model’ .