Authorisation Options

To access the Authorisation Options section, you will need to provide an owner account password as shown below. If there are multiple owner accounts, any of their passwords will be sufficient.

The Authorisation Options section allows the owner to block specific user types from accessing certain features or settings throughout RSRS unless they provide an owner account password. This gives the owner full control and allows him to customize the company’s work flow and procedures, accordingly.

The top row of tabs represents the user types, while the row of tabs below this represent different sections of RSRS. You simply click on the desired user type and section which will display a list of check boxes you can tick to permit the specific user type to have access to. When your selections are completed, click ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’. For instance, in the image above, all Front Desk users will be able to access all sections on the Main Panel. In the case that a feature is not ticked, the user will need to provide an owner account password to be able to continue.