Alternate Charge

The ‘Alternate Charge’ is a charging method used by the Labour Charge Calculator to calculate how much to charge a client for labour done.

The philosophy behind this charging method is fairly simple, and setting it up is as well. You will need to enter a ‘Starting Charge’, ‘Charge Every (minutes)’, and a ‘Charge Increment’ in the respective fields. Doing this will load a preview in the data grid below.

Using the above image as an example, you can see that the ‘Starting Charge’ is the amount from which the calculator will begin to charge at. So, since the ‘Charge Every’ field is set to 10 minutes, any time spent on labour between 0 and 10 minutes will be charged €7.50. Since the ‘Charge Increment’ has been set to €7.50, with each added 10 minutes, a further €7.50 will be added to the charge.

The preview will dynamically update it’s values in real-time based on what numbers you input into the fields. Once you are satisfied with the outcome, press ‘Save’ from the top left corner to save your configuration.

If you set the Alternate Charge as the preferred charging method, when using the Labour Charge Calculator, any solution that does not fall within the Fixed Charge category will use the above pricing scheme.

The video below demonstrates this feature.