3rd Party Service Report

The 3rd Party Service Report is accessible from any In-House or Call/Visit report which has a 3rd party allocated to it. This report is to be used when the product is given to a 3rd party to service.

The process by which you can allocate a job to a 3rd party and create the 3rd Party report is shown in the video below. This can be done from the Add In-House Client, Add Call/Visit Client, In-House Service Report or Call/Visit Service Report sections.


The strip of buttons on the top left of the screen allow you to ‘Save’, ‘Print Preview’, ‘Print’, ‘Export to PDF’, ‘Undo’, ‘Redo’, and access the online ‘Help’.

On the left side of the first top screen as shown above is a ‘Job Status’ box where you have the ability to set the status of the job. This is in relation to the 3rd party’s work, and not the overall status which is controlled on the parent report (In-House or Call/Visit).

If you are handing the product to the 3rd party, the ‘Product Out’ status should be selected. You can alter the ‘Problem’ field if you wish for reasons of security or for any other reason. You could, for example, not show any problem codes used in your establishment. Click ‘Save’ and print the report.

Once the product is ready and returned by the 3rd party, open this report and set the status to ‘Product Returned’. As can be seen in the image below, a ‘Date Returned’ field will appear with the current date auto-filled in. You can alter this if you wish. Also a ‘Solution’, ‘Paid By’, and a ‘Charge’ field appear. Fill out the necessary details and click ‘Save’.