The Software specially designed and developed for Office Equipment Repair Shops:

Computers, Printers, Copiers, Scanners, Fax-machines, Document-shredders, Laminators etc.

Repair Service Report Software

RSRS is a powerful and flexible software tool suited to any computer repair shop and/or technical department dealing with the repair of electronic equipment. It offers a wide range of tools that enable any company to streamline their processes, improve productivity and efficiency, and as a result enhance profitability.

More information

The Repair Service Report Software (RSRS) is probably the most useful tool for your Office Machine Repair Workshop.

Sales Increase
Your customer’s history along with that of his respective machines allows you to recommend to him the purchase of a newer model thus significantly reducing maintenance and repair costs on his behalf and augmenting income on your end. This, in combination with other statistical information available from RSRS allows you to design and apply an integrated marketing strategy for boosting your sales in general, along with targeted offers and promotions.

Human Resource
Human Resource is of the utmost importance. RSRS enables you to codify procedures of repair while creating uniformity and optimization in your workflow. The attained end result is professionalism and the increase of the technical department’s revenue. The Labor Charge Calculator along with the Technician’s Daily Performance Report are but some of the highlights of RSRS.

True costing
Recording and monitoring the True Costing of your establishment allows you to pin point and minimize losses. Furthermore you can more accurately work out your charges thus increasing your profitability.

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